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• Do I have an Account? If you registered an email address with BSSU (for Guardian1 or Guardian2) it is currently preloaded into VSP.

• What if I don’t know my login info? Click on “Forgot your Username or Password” and enter your email address – the account login associated with this email address will be emailed to that address.


• How do I sign up for a shift? You request a shift by clicking on the VOLUNTEER NOW BUTTON, a box pops up, and you click on VOLUNTEER NOW again to claim it. Your name should now appear on the schedule

• Why is my shift grayed out? It is probably for a class or grade you are not eligible for. Please contact VSP admin if this appears to be an error!

• How do I know if a shift is recurring or a one-time shift? This is admittedly confusing. If you sign up for any of the following shifts during the beginning of the year without letting VSP Admin know (via email or Comments), I will assume you are signing up for a MONTHLY RECURRING SHIFT in the form of 1st Tuesdays, 3rd Thursdays, etc.

• Cafeteria Servers and Cashiers
• Supply Shop
• Spirit Shop
• Art Room Volunteer
• Library Volunteer

Nonrecurring events include:

• Garden Volunteers
• Bike Rodeo
• Pumpkin Day
• Carnival


• If you are receiving emails in duplicate, please contact the VSP Admin at uppanther@gmail.com to correct this.

• If you want to be able to volunteer at some point but do not want to receive all of the “sub request” emails, please login to your account, Click on the “My Profile” Tab, and Unclick the Box for “Send me emails when people submit sub requests I can accept”

• If you would like to receive invitations to volunteer, but a particular, month (for work travel), or day (perhaps Tuesday-Thursdays) or daytime in general DOES NOT work with your schedule, you can use the “Unavailable dates / times” box, in your Profile (login to your account, Click on the “My Profile” Tab). This really works!

• All registered users will receive the open positions email on Sundays – this is how we fill our Volunteer needs. If you are unable to ever volunteer your time at UP (including things like International Night and Carnival - which occur after hours). You may make your account “Inactive” by logging in to your account, Clicking on the “My Profile” Tab, and clicking the Box for “Make me inactive for now (so that I am not scheduled at all)”

If you would like any other help with your VSP account, please contact VSP Admin at uppanther@gmail.com