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Bike Rodeo 2017

Friday, September 15th

Top 10 Helpful Hints

1. O
nly 2nd through 4th grade participates in riding the course while the whole school will receive bike safety training throughout the week and earn a bike permit and popsicle.

Students may ride a bike or a scooter. No roller blades or skate- boards. All students need a helmet to participate. Label your belong- ings and store your helmet in your locker.

Students are encouraged to wear a UP t-shirt to show their spirit!

Please allow extra time to get to school the morning of Bike Rodeo, as regular carpool guidelines will be in effect. You may not unload or load on Wentwood, Northwest Parkway or Villanova.

Please bring bikes and scooters to the south side of the Northway Christian Church parking lot. You will be allowed to park in the west side of this lot to unload your bikes until 8:20 am.

Park bikes and scooters in the area designated for each grade. These will be marked by class.

For those with allergy concerns, a treat will be served consisting of water and a popsicle (sugar-free popsicles will be available for those children requiring sugar-free treats).

Take your child’s bike or scooter home immediately following the event, or work out a plan for afternoon carpool. Bikes will be unattended after 1:00 pm.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to come watch their child and take pictures!

Have fun!


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